Aug 22, 2010

August update

Wow, I can't believe I've been so lazy the whole summer. Or maybe it's still my stupid crisis, looks like it hasn't stopped for about... a year? And there I thought it was over in June. Whatever.
I'm uploading 2 new pictures, one finished and one WIP (another one that's most probably never going to be finished *cough*).

Velociraptors and mahakalas (and remains of a protoceratops):

The background was referenced. I still need to work more with various colour palettes and some more interesting lighting.

And the second picture... I decided to copy Velazquez's Juan de Pareja:
There's not much left, but I can't find that book where the painting was:[ (the pics you can find on the Internet seem to have "mutated" colours... too greenish or reddish).

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