Sep 14, 2009

Citipati witch chicks - step by step, sort of

It's a short step-by-step thing for Citipati with chicks. It's a pretty easy method, I also used it for Archaeopteryx :)

Re-drawing the pencil sketch is the most time-consuming stage, the picture's size has to be really large and the brush's size should be about 5-7.


  1. really interesting!
    Your oviraptors are so cute! ^_^
    Would be nice see a "sequel" of this draw...
    What did the Velociraptor in the background?

  2. Thanks a lot! I'm planning a "sequel" right now, I'll post some sketches soon=3
    That Velociraptor-like thing is just staring, it's no match for the Citipati mom;)